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[Resolve] IGNOU Grade Card Status Showing Incomplete? Complete Guide

Thanks to the IGNOU grade card status, finding marks is a simple process. What should you do, though, if it shows “not completed” status when you are looking for TMA marks? To determine their exam performance, the majority of students first check their IGNOU grade card status.

Every student expects to complete a degree programme on time before enrolling in a distant learning university. Students can check their grades and determine if they passed or failed at the IGNOU grade card website.

On the IGNOU grade card, the marks report of a candidate is displayed. The university gives it to the student. When you complete the programme, it is used to demonstrate your academic achievement and may help you in gaining admission to particular colleges or businesses.

We can acquire it from the headquarters once the semester or school year is over and we have passed with a minimum (35 %+) on each topic. 

Check IGNOU Grade Card Status 2022-2023

Now, let’s see how you can check the status of your IGNOU grade card online:

How Can you check the status of your IGNOU grade card for 2022–2023?

  • Visit the official site of IGNOU or click on the given link. (
  • Now, select the programme from the drop-down menu under “Grade Card Status”.
  • Enter your Enrollment No. (Mentioned in your ID card).
  • Next, select your “Programme Code” from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the “Search” button.
  • The grade card will be shown on the screen. You can take a screenshot or print-out as per your desire.

As per the latest update from IGNOU for December 2022 Grade Card,

If parts of the subjects are missing from your grade card or your grade card indicates that it is incomplete, you will merely need to wait a little while. Your grade card is now being updated by IGNOU with all of your subjects’ grades, and it will be updated soon with all subjects’ grades. A printout of the candidates’ grade cards is available for their use. 

Have You Received an IGNOU Grade Card that is Incorrect or Incomplete?

If a candidate discovers that their IGNOU grade card on the organization’s official website displays an incomplete grade, they must notify the examination authorities, visit a nearby centre, and get in touch with IGNOU members via email and contact information.

What information must be verified on the IGNOU grade card?

The candidate should check their grade card to determine whether or not they meet the aggregate level of qualification. Following that, they must verify the grades that the professors have assigned for the individual subjects, which include the grades for the assignments, the theoretical exams, and the practical exams.

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If the applicant is enrolled in a programme that does not provide any practical subjects, they will be given marks based on their performance on the theoretical examinations and their assignment grades. The applicant needs to calculate the overall marks to know the percentage of the respective term.

If the subject’s status is “Completed,” it implies you have successfully completed both the assignment and the theory examination; however, if the status is “Not Completed,” you have either failed the theory exam or the assignment.

Why does the IGNOU Grade Card Status say “Not Completed”?

  1. Projects not completed or submitted

Scoring good marks on a project is much more difficult than scoring well on an assignment. Although the course supervisor is a great help in creating the synopsis, you still need to put a lot of effort into your project to make a good impression on your grade card. 

Responses to Tutor-Marked Assignments (TMAs) must be sent to the Coordinator of the Study Center to which the student is affiliated.

When students don’t follow their project manual, they face trouble later on when turning in their projects. As they are unaware of how the approval is taken, they don’t take it till the end. 

As a result, incomplete projects appear on the grade card with an “incomplete” status.

  1. The assignment status is not being updated

Sometimes, the TMA status is not updated on the IGNOU Portal even if the student has submitted all his/her assignments. This can happen when the students submit their TMAs offline but the study center fails to send the assignment grades to the regional office. 

Make a copy of the acknowledgment slip so you won’t have to stress about looking for assignment marks on your IGNOU grade card in the future.

  1. The assignment’s grade is below 35

The grade of your TMA is really important for you to pass, as only the theory marks are not high enough. If the students turn in incomplete assignments, they are given the minimum grade by the university on their grade card. Every student needs to make sure that all their assignments are submitted to their respective professors on time before the due date. If your TMA is unfinished, the status of your IGNOU grade card might show “pending.”

We hope this article helped you in gaining the answers to all our queries regarding the IGNOU Grade status for 2022-23. 

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