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Are you an IGNOU student who’s looking for study centres abroad?

Then you are at the correct website, here you will find all the information about the International Study Centres of IGNOU. 

About IGNOU’s International Study Centres:

IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) has established several International Study Centres (ISCs) around the world to cater to the needs of its international students. 

The main objective of these centres is to provide support services to students who are pursuing IGNOU’s distance education programs from outside India.

Some of the services provided by these ISCs include:

  • Admission guidance and support
  • Counselling and academic support
  • Study material distribution and logistics support
  • Exam centre coordination and support
  • Facilitation of communication with IGNOU headquarters
  • Orientation programs for new students

IGNOU has established more than 40 International Study Centres in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Ethiopia, and Kenya. These centres are managed by local coordinators who are trained by IGNOU to provide support to students.

If you are an international student interested in pursuing a distance education program offered by IGNOU, you can check the list of International Study Centres on the IGNOU website to find a centre near you.

Facilities provided by IGNOU’s International Study Centres:

The facilities provided by IGNOU’s International Study Centres (ISCs) vary depending on the location and resources available. 

However, some of the common facilities provided by most of the ISCs include:

  • Admission Guidance and Support: ISC coordinators provide guidance and support to prospective students who are interested in pursuing a program offered by IGNOU. They provide information about the admission process, eligibility criteria, and required documents.
  • Counseling and Academic Support: ISC coordinators provide counseling services to students who need academic guidance and support. They help students with study planning, exam preparation, and course selection.
  • Study Material Distribution and Logistics Support: ISC coordinators ensure that study materials (books, assignments, question papers, etc.) are distributed to students on time. They also assist with logistics support, such as arranging for the transportation of study materials from India to the ISC location.
  • Exam Centre Coordination and Support: ISC coordinators ensure that students have access to a suitable exam centre for their exams. They also provide support during the exam process, such as coordinating with the exam centre staff and providing information about the exam process.
  • Facilitation of Communication with IGNOU Headquarters: ISC coordinators act as a bridge between the students and IGNOU headquarters. They facilitate communication between the two parties and provide updates about important announcements and deadlines.
  • Orientation Programs for New Students: ISC coordinators conduct orientation programs for new students to introduce them to IGNOU’s distance education system and provide information about the programs they are enrolled in.

Overall, the facilities provided by IGNOU’s International Study Centres are designed to support and assist students who are pursuing IGNOU’s distance education programs from outside India.

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List of IGNOU International Study Centres:

Here is a list of some IGNOU International Study Centres:

Please note that this list is subject to change and there may be additions or closures of IGNOU International Study Centres in the future. For the most up-to-date information, it is recommended to visit the IGNOU website or contact the university directly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to IGNOU’s International Study Centres:

  • What is an IGNOU International Study Centre (ISC)?

An ISC is a support center established by IGNOU to provide assistance to students who are enrolled in IGNOU’s distance education programs and reside outside India.

  • What are the services provided by IGNOU’s International Study Centres?

The services provided by ISCs include admission guidance and support, counseling and academic support, study material distribution and logistics support, exam center coordination and support, facilitation of communication with IGNOU headquarters, and orientation programs for new students.

  • Can I apply for admission to IGNOU through an International Study Centre?

No, you cannot apply for admission to IGNOU through an ISC. All admissions are processed through IGNOU’s online admission system.

  • Can I take IGNOU exams at an International Study Centre?

Yes, you can take IGNOU exams at an ISC. However, you need to inform the ISC coordinator about your exam schedule and register for the exam through IGNOU’s online exam portal.

  • Are the fees for IGNOU programs different for international students?

Yes, the fees for IGNOU programs are different for international students. The fee structure is determined based on the location of the ISC and the cost of providing support services.

  • Can I get a degree certificate from an ISC?

No, ISC’s do not issue degree certificates. The degree certificate is issued by IGNOU after the completion of the program requirements.

  • How can I contact an ISC?

You can contact an ISC by visiting their website, calling their office, or sending them an email. The contact information for each ISC is available on the IGNOU website.


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