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How to Get an Original Degree Certificate from IGNOU?

Obtaining an original degree certificate is an important milestone for anyone who has completed their education. If you have pursued your studies through IGNOU, you may be wondering how to obtain your original degree certificate. Whether you need it for further education, job applications, or personal gratification, the process can seem daunting. But fear not! This blog post will guide you through the step-by-step process of obtaining an original degree certificate from IGNOU, ensuring that you have all the necessary information and documents to make the process smooth and hassle-free.

Why is it necessary to collect an original degree certificate from IGNOU?

Collecting the original degree certificate from IGNOU is a crucial step for anyone who has successfully completed their studies with the university. While it may seem like a mere formality, there are several important reasons why this process is necessary. 

Firstly, the original degree certificate serves as tangible proof of the hard work and dedication put into earning the degree. It acts as an official document that can be presented to potential employers, educational institutions, or any other relevant authority to validate one’s educational qualifications. 

Secondly, possessing the original degree certificate from IGNOU ensures that there is no ambiguity or doubt regarding the authenticity of the degree. It demonstrates that the degree was awarded by a recognized and reputable institution. This is particularly important when applying for jobs or further studies, as many employers and universities require original certificates for verification purposes. 

Additionally, the original degree certificate also acts as a lifelong memento of one’s academic achievements, serving as a reminder of the personal growth and accomplishments attained during the course of study. 

Overall, collecting the original degree certificate from IGNOU is not just a procedural requirement but a significant step in solidifying one’s educational achievements and opening doors to future opportunities.

Overview of how to get an original degree certificate from IGNOU?


Indira Gandhi National Open University

Also known as



UG, PG, Phd & Diploma




Exam should be passed

Application Platform

Online/ Offline



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Eligibility to apply for IGNOU original degree

Students who fulfilled the requirements for the IGNOU Convocation are currently able to submit their applications for the Original Degree through an online platform. This applies to students who have successfully completed their Programs in the December or June Term-End Examinations and are now eligible to receive their official Degree or Certificate.

To facilitate the distribution of certificates, all eligible students from various courses had their certificates sent to the Regional Centre of their choice for collection. The Regional Centres have then either handed over the certificates during the Convocation or distributed them via post to the students.

In case any student has not yet received their Degree, Diploma, or Certificate, they can now apply online to request these documents. 

How to apply online for an original degree?

1)Please access the website of IGNOU IDMS through the provided link cited below.


 2) Following that, you will encounter a series of instructions, hence ensure to scroll down and confirm your agreement by selecting the Declaration box. 

3)Subsequently, proceed by clicking on the “I Agree” option.

4)Upon doing so, you will have the opportunity to choose your desired course from a display of two options.

5)Afterward, a novel page will emerge, encompassing the login and registration components.

6)It is imperative that you input your Enrolment No. and make the appropriate selection pertaining to your program. 

7)Following this, please continue to the next step once you have verified the accuracy of your details.

8)Consequently, a fee of Rs 600 is required to be paid online, thereby allowing you to 

advance to the subsequent stage

9)For future reference, kindly obtain a printout of the Acknowledgement document. 

How to get IGNOU degree dispatch status? 

To obtain the status of your IGNOU Degree Dispatch, it is necessary to adhere to the aforementioned steps. In the event that you have submitted an application or your degree has already been dispatched, logging into the portal will provide you with the current status of your degree.

Other Information

Convocation Registration

  • The announcement of the convocation can be found on the official IGNOU website or in notifications. It is important to register for the convocation by completing the registration form within the given time frame. The notification usually states the convocation fee that needs 

to be paid.

Fee Payment

  • Follow the instructions given by IGNOU for the payment of the convocation fee. The convocation notification will contain information about the payment process and the accepted methods of payment. Ensure that the fee is paid within the specified period.

Collecting the degree

  • Once the registration is complete and the convocation fee has been paid, you will receive details about the convocation ceremony such as the date, time, and location. Attend the ceremony according to the provided instructions in order to receive your degree certificate.

Receiving the Degree by Post

  • If you are unable to attend the convocation ceremony, you can make a request to have your degree certificate delivered to you by post. This alternative is usually available for a limited period of time following the convocation. Follow the instructions provided by IGNOU to arrange for the delivery of your degree certificate.
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Contact Details for Original Degree Certificate

  • Should you have any inquiries pertaining to the Master Degree, Bachelor Degree, Post Graduate Diploma, and Diploma Programmes Certificate, please get in touch with the respective Regional Centre to which the certificate was dispatched. The Regional Centre’s address and email address can be found in the required details form.
  • In case you encounter any discrepancies in the payment of the Convocation fee, please reach out to:
  • Phone: 011-29572209
  • Email: convocation_feequery@ignou.ac.in
  • For any queries regarding Post Graduate Certificate and Certificate Programmes exclusively, kindly contact the Headquarters through the following channels:
  • For any inquiries concerning Master Degree, Bachelor Degree, Post Graduate Diploma, and Diploma Programmes, please contact the corresponding Regional Centre. The phone number and email address of all Regional Centres can be accessed on the University’s official website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: What is the purpose of the IGNOU Degree Delivery Portal?

The IGNOU Degree Delivery Portal serves as an online platform provided by Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) to facilitate students’ registration and request for their degree certificates.

Q2: Who is eligible to utilize the IGNOU Degree Delivery Portal?

The IGNOU Degree Delivery Portal is accessible to students who have successfully completed their programs at IGNOU and are eligible to obtain their degree certificates.

Q3: What features are available on the IGNOU Degree Delivery Portal?

The IGNOU Degree Delivery Portal offers various services, including degree certificate registration, submission of necessary documents and information, payment of fees, and tracking of degree delivery status.

Q4: Can I apply for my degree certificate using the IGNOU Degree Delivery Portal if I was unable to attend the convocation ceremony?

The IGNOU Degree Delivery Portal serves as an alternative avenue for students who were unable to attend the convocation to request their degree certificates.

Q5: How can I monitor the progress of my degree delivery on the portal?

By accessing the IGNOU Degree Delivery Portal, you can easily track the status of your degree delivery. Simply log in to the portal and check for updates on the processing of your application.

Q6: What documents do I need to provide when requesting a degree certificate through the IGNOU Degree Delivery Portal?

While specific document requirements may vary, generally, you will be required to furnish your identification card and grade card as stipulated by IGNOU.

Q7: What payment methods are available for submitting the fee payment for my degree certificate request?

The IGNOU Degree Delivery Portal offers multiple online payment options for the necessary fee. You can utilize debit/credit cards or net banking based on the available payment modes.

Q8: Where can I find additional information or assistance regarding the IGNOU Degree Delivery Portal?

If you require further information or assistance concerning the IGNOU Degree Delivery Portal, you can refer to the official IGNOU website or reach out to the university’s helpline or support services.

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