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IGNOU Fee Structure 2023 – UG, PG, Diploma & Certificate Courses

We understand that navigating the fees and payment structures for higher education can be overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to budget effectively. That’s why we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible for you to understand the fees for your chosen program. 

IGNOU Fee Structure 2023 for UG, PG, Diploma, and Certificate Courses

If you’re considering pursuing higher education in India, you might be wondering about the fees associated with courses at the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). With a wide range of courses available at the undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and certificate levels, IGNOU is a popular choice for students from all walks of life. However, understanding the fee structure can be tricky, especially given the various options and factors involved. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide to the IGNOU fee structure for 2023, including an overview of the fees for different courses, payment options, and financial aid opportunities. Whether you’re a current or prospective student at IGNOU, this guide will help you make informed decisions about your education and finances.

Overview of IGNOU fee structure

IGNOU or Indira Gandhi National Open University is a popular distance learning institution in India that offers various undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and certificate courses. The fee structure for IGNOU courses varies according to the program, duration, and level of the course. It is important to note that IGNOU fee structure is subject to change depending upon the university’s policies.

Generally, the fee for undergraduate courses is less compared to postgraduate courses. Similarly, the fee for diploma and certificate courses is less compared to degree courses. The fee for IGNOU courses also varies depending upon whether the student is a citizen of India or a foreign national.

Apart from the course fee, there are some additional charges that students need to pay such as registration fee, examination fee, late fee, re-evaluation fee, etc. The registration fee and examination fee are mandatory for all courses and programs, while the other fees are applicable in certain cases.

It is important to note that IGNOU fee structure is quite affordable compared to other distance learning universities in India. The university also offers various scholarships and fee waivers to deserving students. Students can check the official IGNOU website or visit their respective study centers to get detailed information about the fee structure and payment process for their chosen courses.

            Fees of UG course



BSc Biochemistry

Rs. 43,500

Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS)

Rs. 7,200/-

Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Studies (BTS)

Rs. 10,200/-

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Rs. 40,200/-

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

Rs. 16,200/-

Bachelor of Science Honours Biochemistry (BSCBCH)

Rs. 43,500/-

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBARL)

Rs. 27,000/-

Bachelor’s Degree Programmes (BDP)


B. Com.

B. Sc.

For B.A. & B. Com Rs. 7,200/-

For B.Sc. Rs. 12,600/-

Bachelor of Education (BEd)

Rs. 50,000/-

BSc Nursing (Post Basic) (BScN(PB))

Rs. 45,000/-

Bachelor’s Preparatory Programme (BPP)

Rs. 1,200/-




Bachelor of Arts


Bachelor of Arts Hons.

Rs. 9,600

Bachelor of Arts Hons. English

Rs. 9,600

Bachelor of Arts Hons. Hindi

Rs. 9,600

Bachelor of Science Hons. Anthropology

Rs. 9,600

Bachelor of Science

Rs. 13,500

Bachelor of Arts (Vocational Studies) in Tourism Management (BAVTM)

Rs. 12,000

Bachelor of Commerce


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           Fees of PG Courses



Master of Science (Dietetics and Food Services Management) (MSCDFSM)

Rs. 32,400/-

Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

Rs. 72,000/-

Master of Arts in Rural Development (MARD)

Rs. 10,800/-

Master of Science (Food Nutrition) (MSCDFSM)

Rs. 32,400/-

Master of Science in Counselling and Family Therapy (MSCCFT)

Rs. 33,600

Master of Tourism and Travel Management (MTTM)

Rs. 12,000/- for Category I

Rs. 15,000/- for Category II

Master of Arts in English (MEG)

Rs. 12,000/-

Masters in Hindi

Rs. 12,000/-

Master of Social Work (Counselling)


Rs. 36,000/-

Master of Social Work (MSW)

Rs. 36,000/-

Master of Arts in Philosophy (MAPY)

Rs. 12,000/-

Master of Arts in Education (MAEDU)

Rs. 18,000/-

Master of Arts in Economics (MEC)

Rs. 16,000/-

Master of Arts in History (MAH)

Rs. 12,000/-

Master of Arts in Political Science (MPS)

Rs. 12,000/-

Master of Arts in Public Administration (MPA)

Rs. 12,000/-

Master of Arts in Sociology (MSO)

Rs. 12,000/-

Master of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication

Rs. 25,000/-

MA in Gandhi and Peace Studies (MGPS)

Rs. 9,600/-


Master of Arts in Psychology (MAPC)

Rs. 18,000/-

Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS)

Rs. 10,800/-

Master in Anthropology (MAAN)

Rs. 16,800/-

Master of Arts (Development Studies) (MADVS)

Rs. 11,000/-

Master of Arts in Adult Education (MAAE)

Rs. 12,800/-

Master of Arts in Gender and Development Studies (MAGD)

Rs. 9,600/-

Master of Arts in Women’s & Gender Studies (MAWGS)

Rs. 13,000/-

Master of Arts in Distance Education


Rs. 10,800/-

Master of Commerce (MCOM)

Rs. 15,000/-

M.Sc. Mathematics with Applications in Computer Science (MSCMACS)

Rs. 26,400/-

Master of Arts in Translation Studies (MATS)

Rs. 9,600/-

Master of Business Administration


Rs. 31,500


Rs. 40,000/-

MSc Environmental Science

Rs. 7500/- per year plus registration fee of Rs.200/- in 1st year

       Fee for Diploma Courses



PG Diploma in Corporate Social Responsibility

Rs. 7,200/-

Post Graduate Diploma in Library Automation and Networking (PGDLAN)

Rs. 17,000/-

Post Graduate Diploma in Disaster Management (PGDDM)

Rs. 6,300/-

Post Graduate Diploma in Gandhi and Peace Studies (PGDGPS)

Rs. 3,700/-

Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Development (PGDRD)

Rs. 2,400/-

Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Family Therapy (PGDCFT)

Rs. 16,800/-

Post Graduate Diploma in Translation (PGDT)

Rs. 4,000/-

Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Operations (PGDIBO)

Rs. 8,200/-

Post Graduate Diploma in Environment and Sustainable Development (PGDESD)

Rs. 7,000/-

Post Graduate Diploma in Analytical Chemistry (PGDAC)

Rs. 9,600/-

Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Statistics (PGDAST)

Rs. 7,600/-

Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication (PGJMC)

Rs. 12,500/-

Post Graduate Diploma in Audio Programme Production (PGDAPP)

Rs. 12,000/-

Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education (PGDHE)

Rs. 3,000/-

Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Technology (PGDET)

Rs. 6,600/-

Post Graduate Diploma in School Leadership and Management (PGDSLM)

Rs. 6,000/-

Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Management and Administration (PGDEMA)

Rs. 6,600/-

Post Graduate Diploma in Pre- Primary Education (PGDPPED)

Rs. 9,600/-

Post Graduate Diploma in Adult Education (PGDAE)

Rs. 7,200/-


Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sales Management (PGDPSM)

Rs. 8,400/-

PG Diploma in Information Security (PGDIS)

Rs. 21,600/-

Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights (PGDIPR)

Rs. 10,200/-

PG Diploma in Criminal Justice (PGDCJ)

Rs. 10,800/-

Post Graduate Diploma in Urban Planning and Development (PGDUPDL)

Rs. 3,400/-

PG Diploma in Folklore and Culture Studies (PGDFCS)

Rs. 2,700/-

Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital and Health Management (PGDHHM)

Rs. 25,200/-

Post Graduate Diploma in Geriatric Medicine (PGDGM)

Rs. 27,600/-

Post Graduate Diploma in HIV Medicine Programme (PGDHIVM)

Rs. 60,000/-

Post Graduate Diploma in Food Safety and Quality Management (PGDFSQM)

Rs. 14,400/-

Post Graduate Diploma in Plantation Management (PGDPM)

Rs. 6,600/-

Post Graduate Diploma in Book Publishing (PGDBP)

Rs. 9,000/-

Post Graduate Diploma in Women’s & Gender Studies(PGDWGS)

Rs. 7,200/-

Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainability Science (PGDSS)


Post Graduate Diploma in Social Work Counselling (PGDCOUN)

Rs. 15,000/-

Post Graduate Diploma in Mental Health (PGDMH)

Rs. 9,000/-

Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education (DECE)

Rs. 2,400/-

Diploma in Nutrition & Health Education (DNHE)

Rs. 2,400/-

Diploma in Panchayat Level Administration and Development (DPLAD)

Rs. 3,600/-

Diploma in Tourism Studies (DTS)

Rs. 4,200/-

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       Fees of Certificate Course 



Advanced Certificate in Information Security (ACISE)

Rs. 5,400/-

Advanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management (ACPDM)

Rs. 5,400/-

Post Graduate Certificate in Adult Education (PGCAE)

Rs. 3600/-

Post Graduate Certificate in Cyber Law (PGCCL)

Rs. 8,400/-

PG Certificate in Patent Practice (PGCPP)

Rs. 9,600/-

PG Certificate in Bangla-Hindi Translation (PGCBHT)

Rs. 1,800/-

PG Certificate in Malayalam-Hindi Translation (PGCMHT)

Rs. 1,800/-

Post Graduate Certificate in Agriculture Policy (PGCAP)

Rs. 3,600/-

Post Graduate Certificate in Gandhi and Peace Studies (PGCGPS)

Rs. 2,400/-

Post Graduate Certificate in Information and Assistive Technologies for the Instructors of Visually Impaired (PGCIATIVI)

Rs. 6000/-

Post Graduate Certificate in Geoinformatics (PGCGI)

Rs 6,000/-

Certificate in Visual Arts – Painting (CVAP)

Rs. 4,000/-

Certificate in Visual Arts – Applied Art (CVAA)

Rs. 4,000/-

Certificate in Performing Arts – Theatre Arts (CPATHA)

Rs. 4,000/-

Certificate in Performing Arts-Hindustani Music (CPAHM)

Rs. 4,000/-

Certificate in Performing Arts-Karnatak Music (CPAKM)

Rs. 4,000/

Certificate in Performing Arts-Bharatanatyam (CPABN)

Rs. 4,000/-

Certificate in Arabic Language (CAL)

Rs. 1,800/-

Certificate in French Language (CFL)

Rs. 6,600/-


Certificate in Russian Language (CRUL)

Rs. 2,700/

Certificate in Disaster Management (CDM)

Rs. 2,400/-

Certificate in Environmental Studies (CES)

Rs. 2,400/-

Certificate Programme in NGO Management (CNM)

Rs. 1,800/-

Certificate in Mobile Application Development

Rs 5200/-

Certificate in Business Skills (CBS)

Rs. 3,000/-

Certificate in Teaching of English as a Second Language (CTE)

Rs. 2,400/-

Certificate in Functional English (Basic Level) (CFE)

Rs. 3000/-

Certificate in Urdu Language (CUL)

Rs. 1,200/-

Certificate in HIV and Family Education (CAFE)

Rs. 1,000/-

Certificate in Social Work and Criminal Justice System (CSWCJS)

Rs. 1,400/-

Certificate in Health Care Waste Management (CHCWM)

Rs. 3,000/-

Certificate in Newborn and Infant Nursing (CNIN)

Rs. 6600/-

Certificate in Korean Language & Culture (CKLC)

Rs. 2,500/-

Awareness Programme on Value Added Products from Fruits and Vegetables (APVPFV)

Rs. 1,000/-

Awareness Programme on Dairy Farming (APDF)

Rs. 1,100/-

Certificate in First Aid (CFAID)

Rs. 3,500/-

Certificate Programme on Life and Thought of B.R. Ambedkar (CLTA)

Rs. 1,000/-

Certificate in Library and Information Science (CLIS)

Rs. 2,000/-

Certificate in Energy Technology and Management (CETM)

Rs. 3,000/-

How to pay IGNOU fees

Once you have figured out the IGNOU fee structure, you’ll need to know how to pay the fees. IGNOU offers various payment methods for the convenience of its students. Here are some of the ways in which you can pay your IGNOU fees:

  1. Online Payment: IGNOU accepts online payments through its official website. You can pay your fees using a credit card, debit card, or net banking.
  2. Demand Draft: You can also pay your fees through a demand draft. You will need to make the demand draft in favour of IGNOU payable at the city where your regional centre is located.
  3. Cash Payment: If you prefer to pay in cash, you can do so at your nearest State Bank of India branch. You will need to fill out a challan form and submit it with the cash.
  4. Bank Transfer: You can also transfer the fees directly to IGNOU’s bank account through NEFT, RTGS, or IMPS. You will need to provide IGNOU’s bank account details to your bank.
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It’s important to note that different payment methods may have different processing times and fees. Make sure to check the details before choosing a payment method. Additionally, keep a copy of the payment receipt safely for future reference.

       Additional fees and charges

Apart from the tuition fees, IGNOU students are also required to pay additional fees and charges. These fees are typically related to various services and facilities that the university provides to students during their time of study. Some of the additional fees and charges that students may need to pay include:

  1. Registration fees: Students are required to pay a registration fee at the time of admission to IGNOU. The registration fee is non-refundable and is charged for every program that a student enrols in.
  2. Examination fees: Students are required to pay examination fees for each course that they take. The fees are typically charged at the time of the examination and cover the cost of conducting the exams.
  3. Re-evaluation fees: In case a student is not satisfied with their examination results, they can apply for re-evaluation. However, there is a fee associated with this process.
  4. Late fees: IGNOU imposes late fees on students who fail to submit assignments or pay fees within the stipulated deadline. The late fees are charged on a per-day basis and can add up to a significant amount over time.
  5. Project fees: Some courses at IGNOU require students to submit a project report. The university charges a fee for evaluating the project report.

It is important for students to be aware of these additional fees and charges so that they can budget accordingly. Students should also note that the fees and charges may vary depending on the course and program that they have enrolled in.

 Frequently asked questions about IGNOU fee structure

Here are some frequently asked questions about IGNOU fee structure:

  1. How often does IGNOU revise its fee structure?

IGNOU typically revises its fee structure every year to keep up with changing costs and inflation.

  1. Are there any additional charges apart from the tuition fee?

Apart from the tuition fee, students may also have to pay additional charges for exams, study material, and other services offered by IGNOU.

  1. Can I pay the fee in instalments?

Yes, IGNOU offers the option to pay the fee in instalments for some courses. However, students should check with the university to confirm if this option is available for their particular course.

  1. Is there any fee concession or scholarship available for students?

IGNOU offers fee concessions and scholarships to students from economically weaker sections and other deserving candidates. Students should check with the university to see if they are eligible for any such concessions or scholarships.

  1. What happens if I am unable to pay the fee on time?

If a student is unable to pay the fee on time, they may be charged a late fee or face other penalties. In some cases, the student may also be prevented from registering for the next semester or year.

  1. Can I get a refund if I decide to withdraw from the course?

Yes, IGNOU offers a refund policy for students who decide to withdraw from the course. However, the amount of the refund may depend on when the student decides to withdraw and other factors.


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